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I'm Nikita Tarikin, an IT Professional specializing in MikroTik Network Engineering. With roots in Moscow and a home in Mui Ne, Vietnam, I'm a blend of technical finesse and passion-driven leadership.


My journey started in the bustling city of Moscow and led me through a myriad of technical domains—from web development and server management to cybersecurity. Today, I focus on mastering and disseminating MikroTik networking expertise.

Current Role & Location

I currently helm a MikroTik Training Center in Vietnam, offering specialized training and consulting services. Living next to a world-renowned kite spot in Mui Ne enriches both my professional and personal life.

Educational Background

With a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design and various MikroTik certifications, my educational path has been as diverse as it is enriching.

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Professional Journey

From a young enthusiast to a global expert.

The Formative Years 1999-2001

Began IT engagement with the support of parents. Acquired networking and self-learning skills with pivotal moments like getting the first broadband connection.


  • First computer (2000)
  • Broadband introduction (2001)
  • IT enthusiast engagement (2001)


  • Parents (financial support)
  • IT enthusiasts (mentorship)


  • Computers as career tools
  • Networking basics
  • Leveraging limited resources


  • Financial constraints
  • Parental restrictions
  • Self-reliance due to lack of formal IT education


  • Networking and community building
  • Self-learning

Pivotal Moments:

  • First broadband connection
  • Active engagement with IT enthusiasts


MAC spoofing for free internet.

The Apprenticeship 2001-2003

Evolved from an enthusiast to a junior network engineer. Developed foundational networking and communication skills, culminating in a junior network engineer role.


From enthusiast to junior network engineer.


  • Broadband (2001)
  • Junior network engineer role (2002)


  • Broadband connection (skills in network basics, MAC spoofing)
  • Junior network engineer role (skills in advanced networking, responsibilities in cabling and maintenance)


  • Communication
  • Curiosity
  • Foundational networking


  • Transition from school to work
  • Understanding of IT security


Foundational period for skills and network in IT.

The Student Years & First Career Steps 2003-2004

Transitioned from high school to Moscow Aviation Institute and joined ISP customer support. Emphasized time management, technical vs. practical skills, and developed a C++ multithreaded web-proxy server.


From high school to Moscow Aviation Institute and from field to customer support at local ISP.


  • Entered Moscow Aviation Institute (2003)
  • Joined ISP customer support (2003-2004)


  • School to college
  • Field to desk role


  • Time management
  • Technical vs. practical skills


  • Worked while studying
  • Prioritized coding/networking


Developed a C++ multithreaded web-proxy server and felt a disconnect with the academic setting.

IT Support Journey 2004-2007

Transitioned from B2C to B2B IT Support. Registered first company and learned business administration, team management, and diversified IT skills. The period laid the foundation for future ventures.


B2C to B2B IT Support


  • Registered first company (2004): Learned business administration and team management.
  • B2C business peak (2004-2007): Acquired customer service, technical troubleshooting, and residential network setup skills.
  • Shift to B2B (2006): Delved into Windows Server administration, office applications, and business mail infrastructure.


Scaling and skill diversification.

Key Lessons:

  • Teamwork
  • Specialization
  • Strategic decision-making


Skills and experience laid foundation for future ventures.

Transitioning to Web and Server Technologies 2008-2009

Explored web development, server management, and SEO. Experimented with CMS, PHP, server infrastructure, virtualization, and SEO optimization.


Web development, server management, and SEO.


  • Discovered CMS and PHP: Experimented with WordPress and Joomla but found web development monotonous.
  • Invested in server infrastructure: Installed a 1U server, learned Linux administration and remote SSH access.
  • Introduced to virtualization: Leveraged server resources and ventured into virtual machine leasing.
  • Dived into SEO: Created and optimized a website, realizing the potential of SEO.

Key Takeaways:

  • Expanded skillset
  • Exhibited strategic flexibility
  • Broadened business horizons

The Multimedia Pivot 2009-2015

Focused on merging broadcasting with IT. Enrolled in a TV and Broadcasting Institute, developed multimedia skills, and encountered a career dilemma, ultimately valuing IT's remote work potential.


Merging broadcasting with IT.


  • Enrolled in TV and Broadcasting Institute: Aimed to expand multimedia production skills.
  • Delved into video production: Struggled with passion for TV vs. proficiency in IT.
  • Maintained IT outsourcing: Balanced academics and professional commitments.
  • Evolved career perspective: Valued IT flexibility, especially during stays in Goa, India.
  • Developed multimedia skills: Mastered Apple Final Cut and Apple Motion but felt them time-consuming.
  • Encountered a career dilemma: Theoretical multimedia experience vs. rich IT history.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explored multimedia
  • Recognized broadcasting limitations
  • Valued IT's remote work potential

Skills Developed:

  • Multimedia production
  • Time management
  • Software proficiency


  • Enrollment in broadcasting
  • Mastering multimedia tools
  • Appreciating IT's remote capabilities

Virtualization and Remote Work Capabilities 2013-2014

Delved deep into server virtualization and remote work solutions. Worked on VMWare ESXi, FreeNAS, Remote FX 3D graphics, and developed virtualized solutions.


Exploring remote work and server virtualization.

Technologies & Projects:

  • Mastered VMWare ESXi for virtual servers.
  • Delved into FreeNAS, working with iSCSI and ZFS.
  • Experimented with Remote FX 3D graphics, hacking NVIDIA GPU for acceleration.
  • Developed a remote 3D modeling solution for Aviation Factory.
  • Created a virtualized 4K Video Editing Solution.

Skills Acquired:

Server virtualization, storage solutions, and insights into remote work.


Recognized remote work advantages and virtualization in multimedia.


  • Enabled GPU hardware acceleration in a VM.
  • Implemented virtual solutions.


Solidified expertise in virtualization and remote work capabilities.

Future Aspirations:

Keen interest in remote work, aspiring for a tropical lifestyle through IT skills.

Crossroads of Media and IT: The Turning Point of 2015

At a crucial juncture, decided to blend multimedia and IT. Rediscovered Kali Linux and encountered MikroTik router. Ultimately chose IT over TV, envisioning a remote, tropical lifestyle.




Intersection of multimedia production and IT.


  • Multimedia: Felt the allure but recognized challenges.
  • IT: Saw potential in blending multimedia and IT, with a tilt towards security.


Delved into Kali Linux, recognized potential to merge multimedia and IT security education.

Encounter with MikroTik:

Discovered the impressive MikroTik router, symbolizing a potential career and lifestyle pathway.


  • Chose IT over TV due to the promise of remote work, MikroTik's potential, and the broader horizon in IT security.
  • Envisioned a lifestyle change, with places like Goa as an ideal setting.

MikroTik Mastery: A Deep Dive 2016-2017

Transitioned into a MikroTik expert. Acquired official certifications, engaged in community discussions, designed custom network solutions, and gained professional recognition.

2016: Foundation Laid with MikroTik


Embraced MikroTik and commenced professional education.


Received MikroTik training with a seasoned trainer from Moscow.


  • MUM Belarus 2016
  • MUM Russia Moscow 2016


Post-MTCNA, visualized MikroTik as a bridge to a tropical lifestyle career.


  • Mikrotik MTCNA (May 2016)
  • Mikrotik MTCRE (June 2016)
  • Mikrotik MTCTCE (July 2016)
  • Mikrotik MTCWE (September 2016)
  • Mikrotik MTUME (December 2016)

Consultant Recognition:

Achieved a top 10 MikroTik consultant ranking in Russia.

2017: Practical Application & Rise to Prominence

Role Transformation:

Evolved into a MikroTik network architect and engineer.

Skill Deployment:

Applied extensive MikroTik knowledge across various projects: OSPF, MultiWAN, wifi capsman, QoS, advanced firewall, VPN, and more.


Developed projects tailored for SOHO clients in Moscow.

Public Recognition:

Presented on wireless security at MUM Russia Moscow 2017, resulting in a top three MikroTik consultant ranking in Russia.

Infrastructure Development:

Established a MikroTik CCR router in a European data center and developed a personal VPN infrastructure.

MikroTik User Meeting (MUM) Presentations 2017-2019

Became a prominent speaker at MUM events, focusing on network security, VPN configurations, and RouterOS features. Gained global recognition, with standout presentations attracting massive audiences.

MUM Russia: Moscow 2017

First public speech with over 1600 attendees. Discussed an audit of a hotel public Wi-Fi network, emphasizing on enhancing security in MikroTik networks. Watch on YouTube

MUM Vietnam: HCMC 2019

First public speech in English to a Vietnamese audience. Highlighted the hidden features of MikroTik RouterOS for optimizing security and network performance. Watch on YouTube

MUM Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur 2019

With over 300 attendees, this presentation guided on setting up an IPSec ike2 server for mobile remote access and compared it with other VPN solutions. Watch on YouTube

MUM Russia: Moscow 2019

The largest MikroTik MUM event in Russia. A detailed manual on setting up a personal IKEv2 server using RouterOS, including visual tutorials. Watch on YouTube

MUM Indonesia: Bali 2019

At one of the largest global MikroTik MUM events, this guide showcased creating an IPSec ike2 site-to-site VPN connection, emphasizing the advantages of IKEv2 over other VPNs. Watch on YouTube

Rise to Global Recognition: Mastery in MikroTik Network Engineering 2018-2019

Advanced in MikroTik network engineering, overhauled VPN infrastructure, mastered IPSec, and became a notable presenter at international MUM events. Achieved top consultant rankings in Russia and Europe.

2018: Transition to Vietnam & Reinvention of Remote Work


Ushered in a fresh chapter by moving to Vietnam, merging the excitement of new surroundings with professional continuity.

Smooth Shift:

Leveraged remote access to client networks, ensuring a seamless income stream during the transition.

Remote Work Evolution:

Recognized the imperative of a robust remote VPN infrastructure for the digital nomad life. Identified and addressed the vulnerabilities associated with single point failures.

Technical Overhaul:

  • Instituting VPN redundancy.
  • Refashioning OSPF.
  • Incorporating BGP.
  • Reconstructing the MikroTik Dude monitoring system integrated with Telegram bot notifications.
  • Venturing deeper into IPSec as a preferred alternative to OpenVPN due to extensive ping durations between Asia and Europe.

2019: A Year of Global Recognition & Continuous Learning

MUM Contributions:

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: His debut English presentation unveiling the hidden gems of MikroTik RouterOS for network security.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A sought-after session, emerging as one of the most-watched MUM content.
  • Moscow, Russia: Addressed the largest Russian MUM gathering with over 2000 participants.
  • Bali, Indonesia: Contributed to one of the globally acclaimed MUM events.

Certifications Renewal & Expansion:

  • Mikrotik MTCSE (May 2019, Kuala Lumpur)
  • Mikrotik MTUME (September 2019, Moscow)

Crowning Glory:

The consolidated achievements of 2019, including the updated list of valid certifications and the volume of MUM presentations, catapulted Nikita to a prestigious position — #1 MikroTik consultant in Russia and #2 in Europe. This phase symbolized international professional triumph and a matter of immense pride.

Foundation of MikroTik Training Center 2020-2023

Established a MikroTik training company in Vietnam. Conducted courses, navigated lockdown challenges, and launched collaborative training initiatives..

Continuing the quest for innovation, one network at a time.

TARIKIN Network Academy Vietnam

MikroTik Classroom in Vietnam

Founded on Real-World Expertise

Nikita Tarikin leveraged 15 years of industry experience to build Tarikin Network Academy in Vietnam, setting a new standard in network engineering education. The academy's curriculum goes beyond theoretical knowledge to include hands-on applications and real-world scenarios, particularly in the MikroTik domain.

Quality Over Quantity

With a focus on quality and excellence, Nikita sets high standards across all aspects of the academy. His commitment has shaped the academy’s mission and reputation, making it synonymous with quality training in network engineering.

In-Person, Real-Time Learning

In-person training is at the heart of Tarikin Network Academy. This methodology is rooted in Nikita’s understanding of the value of real-time interactions and hands-on practice. It is designed to overcome the unique cultural and language barriers present in Vietnam.

Before I knew about the Tarikin Network Academy in Vietnam, I had already been using MikroTik products for over a decade. My primary motive for joining the course, organized by Nikita Tarikin and his team in Vietnam, was to consolidate my knowledge and get a certification, making me more professional in the use and management of MikroTik systems.

The teaching method was detailed and deep-diving, addressing the core aspects of the device, its operations, and configurations. What stood out the most for me were the valuable 'tips' shared by Nikita during the training. With his extensive experience with MikroTik, he offered insights that made our system operations more efficient, saving us time and effort.

Overall, the course was exceptional in value, not just for the knowledge imparted, but also for the community and connections it fostered. It's a worthy investment that has benefitted my present work and will surely impact my future endeavors. I am certain to attend MikroTik's subsequent courses.

— Nguyễn Trung Thông, Deputy IT Manager at SCTV